My name is Craig Millsap and this is my webpage for any random computer notes I choose to document. I hope you find the information here somewhat interesting and or useful. I work full time as a Computer Tech/Network Admin for a small K-12 Public School system and freelance services as well. 

I’m a mostly self taught computer geek. I am a firm believer in learn by your mistakes. I’ve made plenty of them throughout the years learning the skills I have now. I’ve shorted motherboards, I’ve statically zapped RAM, I’ve slipped a screw driver through the prongs of a capacitor, I’ve hooked up USB headers backwards, You name it, I’ve probably done it… and some of them have been expensive mistakes! Although this is an excellent way to learn, through trial and error, I’ve found it necessary to start purchasing books and document activities as I do them. Somethings take too much time to learn twice. I created this webpage for the purpose of documenting the things I’ve done, as I do them, for future reference. I find myself constantly referring back to it, even with its limited information.

I believe in OpenSource software.  I am an advocate user of OpenSource software, when I’m not tied to using Microsoft Windows that is.  My preferred Linux distribution is Ubuntu.  However, I have found many uses for learning and keeping up with other distributions.  For example I currently have CentOS and OpenSUSE running on a couple of servers for some specialized tasks.  You get used to the different package managers and you go on.  I frequent the Ubuntu Forums, specifically the Server section,  and hope to be even more involved in the future. My post list is small simply because I don’t have a much time to help as much as I would like.  I hope that you find the information here about OpenSource software useful and my even greater hope is that you might find it interesting enough to try it yourself! Please don’t forget that the only financial support many of these projects receive is on a donation basis. Please consider donating to any OpenSource projects that you may have benefited from.


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