My name is Craig Millsap and this is my web site for any random computer notes I choose to document. I hope you find the information here interesting and useful.  I work full time as the Network Administrator for a small K-12 Public School System and freelance as time allows.

I’m a mostly self taught computer enthusiast. I’m a firm believer in the School of Hard Knocks. Although this is an excellent way to learn, through trial and error, I’ve found it necessary to start purchasing books, training, and documenting activities as I do them. Some things take too much time to learn twice. I created this webpage for the purpose of documenting the things I’ve done, as I do them, for future reference. I find myself constantly referring back to it, even with its limited information.

I’ve worked with many systems over the years.  Today I primarily maintain Windows workstations, Windows Server, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS workstations, and Ubuntu Linux Servers.  I also maintain a HP ProCurve Network and AeroHive wireless infrastructure for the district. I work with many small businesses to help maintain their equipment, backup strategies, and general workflow.  I think you’ll get a better idea of the kinds of random projects I do as you go through the notes section.