I thought it would be a nice touch to list all the software I frequently utilize.

Operating Systems:
Ubuntu Linux – (my daily driver)
Linux Mint –

and of course all versions of Windows.

Cloud Storage:

Dropbox –
Google Drive –


Google Chrome –
Mozilla Firefox –

FileZilla –

Office Productivity:
Google Apps –
LibreOffice –


Handbrake –

Graphics and Design:

Corel Paint Shop Pro X4 –
Inkscape –
Krita –

Virtual Machines:

VirtualBox –

2 Responses

  1. Darla Says:

    Hey Craig…love your website…esp. your pic 🙂
    When do you have time to work on this when you’re so busy bailing me out all the time? LOL

  2. Greg Says:

    Ipcop is good. Update accelerator is very handy.
    I have ipcop running in virtualbox with 4 networks. 3 physical nics and one virtual network for the dmz.
    All running on an old pentium that runs 24 hours a day as I also have misterhouse running on ubuntu for home automation.
    Good to hear that someone else is using update accelerator.
    I also am using fail2ban which is good unless you type in the password wrong as I have it set up to cut the connection for 10 minutes. Try it if you go to the web site address I have entered on your comment page.

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