Date for Filename

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I was writing some more backup scripts. I wanted to save the files by the date.

This will format the date in a command line as MM/DD/YYYY


InstallShield command line

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Attached is a document from with the InstallShield commands. Very useful.

InstallShield Setup Parameters.pdf

Schedule XP Task CLI

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Command Line to Schedule Tasks in XP:

For example, to run test.bat everyday at 11:00PM:

at 23:00 /every:M,T,W,Th,F c:\test.bat

Command Line Emailer

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I’m working on a couple of batch files for backups and I needed a way to send logs if it fails. This looks very promising and will be looking into it further.

Syntax for my purposes:

blat.exe -server [SERVER[:PORT]] -u [USERNAME] -pw [PASSWORD] -f [FROM_ADDRESS] -to [RECIPIENT] -subject "[SUBJECT]" -body "[BODY]"

Personal PC Protection

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I have been working on several family members computers lately. Many of them having either expired AntiVirus and/or no AntiSpyware. As a general rule here is the software that I install to protect personal computers. General rules for Windows XP.

Grisoft AVG 8.0 Free Edition

Microsoft Windows Defender

McAfee SiteAdvisor

Mozilla Firefox

Your family would have to be looking at porn everyday to get infected after these changes. I haven’t had a problem. The AVG is set to run its full scan at 11PM so it doesn’t interfere with anything.

User Agent Switcher for Firefox

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One problem I have had is that many websites require Internet Explorer instead of Firefox. An addon “User Agent Switcher” for Firefox will fool the website into thinking that you are using Internet Explorer and show the content anyways. I’m still testing but I think its an interesting, and very useful addon.

Schedule Windows XP CHKDSK

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Simply run:

echo y|chkdsk c: /x > NUL

Now when the computer retarts it will run a CHKDSK on drive C: and restart.

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