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2:58 pm Windows

I was recently working on graphing some network information. I like to use CactiEZ running on a VMWare Server. I was trying to graph hard drive space on a Windows 2003 box. I was wanting to make sure the graphs are truely representing whats there so I wanted to make some drastic changes so they would be present in the network graphs. In comes fsutil.

To create an empty file with a specified file size use:

fsutil file createnew [FileName.Ext] [size]

Obviously replace [FileName.Ext] with a filename. Then [size] with the filesize in bytes. For example I created a couple of 100GB files. I typed : fsutils file createnew dummy.file 107374182400.

To figure out what size in gigabytes for example.. 10GB = 10 * 1024 = 10240MB = 10240 * 1024 = 10485760KB = 10485760 * 1024 = 10737418240 bytes

Here is an example of adding two 100GB files and then deleting them:

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